United We Stand Divided is a WFRP 3E campaign I plan to run once a week starting in January of 2012. The campaign centers on the southwestern Reikland area which has been built up in the released products from FFG. Once the players have progressed to their second and third ranks the gameplay may or may not take them out of the Reikland area depending on the choices they make. Gameplay will be roughly be divided about 50/50 between roleplay and combat by time investment due not only to the unforgiving nature of combat in WFRP, but to the increasingly developed social interaction side of the game. This is of course open to change based on what the players want.

Guidelines for the campaign are as follows:

- All players will select their first career at random (draw three pick one). Upon completion of the first career, all careers will be fair game. For those of you unfamiliar with WFRP careers are not as restraining as classes in other RPGs. Random selection tends to lead to more well rounded characters and better party balance in my experience.
- Combat encounters will be balanced for the party’s level and size, have multiple “solutions”, and with the exception of story arc combats, largely allow for the option of running away. Once combat commences I will be playing to win within the context of the NPCs represented. Play your characters accordingly! As a team even the weakest individuals are strong in WFRP 3E.
- Mature players only please! The Warhammer world is a cruel and gritty world where the good guy does not always win, happily ever after rarely happens, and the subject matter is often R rated. Please be at least 18 years of age and willing to act the part. From keeping meeting commitments we all agree to, to accepting character death/insanity/mutation with grace. I have lost 5 characters in one D and D campaign before. It happens.
- Have fun! I should have the vast majority of the infrastructure to run the campaign dependent on the size of the party. All you have to do is bring your creativity and willingness to help tell a story!

United We Stand Divided